Our Impact

Thomas Heath Advisors impacts the world by bringing the powerful messages and stories of dynamic thought leaders to a broader audience. We do this by strategically building the personal brands that leave a positive, lasting legacy.

Busy leaders rarely have the time to be experts on all the areas involved in building their personal brand: Website Development; Speaking Engagements, Social Media, Content Creation, Podcasts, Video Production, Book Publishing, Marketing Automation, Media Relations, Image Consulting, and Personal Styling to name a few.

Thomas Heath Advisors has the time, talent, and expertise to coordinate all the overwhelming components that contribute to defining and building a strong personal brand.

Our team consists of handpicked professionals who combine their passion, creativity, and know-how to provide our clients with a transformative experience. Each of our specialists thrives on the collaborative nature of our unique process, which manifests in an environment focused on developing lasting legacies.

We are particular when it comes to the type of leaders we choose to represent. Egos are not at the helm of our brand building process- devotion to positive impact is. Because we choose to lead with service, we gravitate to those who genuinely want to make the world a better place.

The historic city of Charleston, South Carolina is our home. We thrive off the dynamic energy of the place voted “Best City to Visit” for the seventh time in a row by the readers of Conde Nast Traveler. We prefer to raise our families here, as it offers a lifestyle that is harmonious between work and play. (Plus when you come here to
engage with us, we know all the best restaurants in town.)

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