Our Team

“Comfort and Confidence.” Those are two words we hear most often from our clients when it comes to working with the team at Thomas Heath Advisors. We exist to serve you and exceed your expectations.

It is essential you are selective and trust who you let define and build your personal brand. Our award-winning professionals are not only great human beings to work with, but we are really good at what we do (and we say that with all humility.)

Check out who we are, what we specialize in, and some other interesting tidbits…


Personal Brand Specialist

Superpower: Connecting People.

Fun Fact: He’s a young grandfather of four.


Content & Strategy Specialist

Superpower: Telling Stories.

Fun Fact: She’s devoted to an obese pug.


Social Media & Strategy Specialist

Superpower: Juggling projects.

Fun Fact: She’s a certified health coach.


Video Production Specialist

Superpower: Producing Results.

Fun Fact: He’s a licensed pilot.


Graphic Design Specialist

Superpower: Executing Vision.

Fun Fact: She never says “No” to karaoke.


Program Specialist

Superpower: Enthusiastic Energy.

Fun Fact: I’m so creative my cat’s name is Cat.


Web Design Specialist

Superpower: Problem Solver.

Fun Fact: He’s been surfing for nearly 30 years.


Photographic Portrait Specialist

Superpower: Sharp Shooter.

Fun Fact: I can build a chopper.

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