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I love smart ideas. I heard some great ones this past Thursday night as I listened to the very personable Earl Bridges of Good Done Great being interviewed by Jeremy Berman, the Director of the Charleston branch of Startup Grind. If you have not heard of this group, which is sponsored by Google for Entrepreneurs, they are a global startup community that host event series that are designed to help educate, inspire and connect local entrepreneurs. I recommend all my coaching clients who are launching or growing a business to attend these meetings, which happen worldwide (look for your nearest chapter at

Earl, who once sold sitars online (yes, think the Beatles) and was a superstar tire salesman for Michelin in Mexico, grew up in Far East Asia as part of a missionary-meets-Air Force family. I tell myself all that gives him a unique perspective on the world, including poverty in third world countries. So what was one of Earl’s great ideas? Combining technology with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the buzz acronym used) to create Good Done Great with partner, David Barach. What do they actually do? I held up my hand during the Q&A and asked Earl myself. His response? “We engage your brand through the good works you do.” Hmmm…

So by making it easier, through technology, for company workers to donate to charities or volunteer their time, then linking that employee engagement to the brand, folks like American Express can look better in the eyes of the world? And lives improve globally because of this corporate philanthropy? Wow, to me, THAT’S A SMART IDEA.

Kudos to you Startup Grind Charleston for introducing me to the wonderful thinking of Earl Bridges. I cannot wait to see how he and his team further improve the world through the efforts at and And thank you Launch Pad Charleston for hosting the event in your very cool co-working space. You are all indeed turning good into great.

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