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Networking is a word that makes me shiver these days. It strikes me as inauthentic. As a coach, I much prefer to get to know people, to make connections, to be present with others. Going to the monthly Halls Chophouse Small Business Lunch allows me to hear an interesting person tell their story to the usually sold-out crowd, as well as to CONNECT to some really fascinating business people in Charleston. It is the brainchild of Susan Lucas (pictured here with yours truly) and Gregg Hoffman of King Street Marketing Group (yes, the same brilliant creatives behind 2nd Sundays on King Street.) Yesterday, I got to listen to Kitty Robinson, CEO of the Historic Charleston Foundation share some fascinating stories of how she and her organization have been rescuing historic buildings around the Holy City for 69 years… Really cool stuff. If you are a business person that likes to connect and get to know people in a classy setting as opposed to self-focused “networking”, be sure to check out a future luncheon. You can sign up here: @ksmg @HallsChophouse @thomasheathclc @HistoricChas

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