The power of Facebook Live

What if you could produce a piece of content (for free) that would help build your business or platform and have over a thousand people look at in a few days? That just happened with me.

As mentioned in my last blog on “The Art of The Pitch”, I recently got asked to be a guest on a new Facebook Live series hosted by marketing expert, Jamessina Hille.

She wanted me to talk with her and her viewers about my experience and success with helping clients craft more effective elevator speeches and pitch decks (see the full interview at:

I went on the show to be of service; to help a colleague launch her new series, “The Art Of…”, about passionate people and ideas, as well as to hopefully help folks do a better job when it came to to their pitch. What I didn’t expect was the power this new medium had when it came to building up my own platform.

So what’s my platform? I have two: Coaching entrepreneurs on starting or growing a business and helping CEOs build stronger personal brands.

What’s been the effect of Facebook Live for my work?

I have gained traction with prospects who saw the video either live or by replay, who I know will turn into clients. Without expecting it, the event has also turned into both a marketing and teaching tool. I have shared the Facebook link with many colleagues to give them a tutorial on how to improve their company’s messaging.

Lastly, the interview has helped me with authority marketing. What’s that? It’s content that establishes a person as an expert in their field, who others will look to for the best advice possible. In this age of a lot of noise on the Internet, I tell my clients it’s important they find ways to stand out. Creating content around your area of expertise that provides value to others is a great way to market your authority on a subject.

So what’s next? I have two things I want to do to help you learn more about the power of Facebook Live.

First, I commit to my next blog being about tips on how to create a successful Facebook Live event. I’ll give you specific do’s and don’ts on how to create content for your show, properly market it and get people to watch it, and ultimately to share their thoughts via social media about your event.

I’m also giving myself a personal challenge: I commit to creating my own Facebook Live series. It’s going to be Thursday, June 29th from 12:00 to 12:30pm EST and called: “Personal Branding Makeover”. On it, I’ll work with Dr. Bob, a scientist who would like to improve his messaging to make a career change. Look for postings on it either on my personal Facebook page or at

Wish me luck. I have had less than a week to pull this off!

May the Power be with Me.

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