The Role of Culture in Recruiting (Part 3)

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In my past 2 blogs, I have written about the talent crunch when it comes to filling I.T. and Digital Marketing vacancies and how the culture of a company can play a role in recruiting. I learned how important it is for an organization to establish core values early on and truly practice them. Christina Lock, CEO of Catch Talent shared theirs…

Always Move Forward (move fast, innovate.) Hands Up (celebrate even the smallest win.) Trust Your Team (be loyal, have their backs.) Be Open (learn from everyone, everything.) Let Success Be Your Noise (be the best, but don’t act like you know it.) Give Back (serve the community, mentor everyone.) I love that last one. As a coach, I do my best when I come from a place of service.

Okay, start with core values. What else is important to company culture?

“Having leaders that take the lead when it comes to the energy in the office” was the philosophy shared by Victor Bejar, the Creative Director at Blue Acorn, an award-winning eCommerce agency consistently cited in my research as being one of the best places to work in Charleston. “Kevin, our founder, loves to have fun, along with creating work-life balance. He brings that to us”, added Victor.

One other aspect I learned? Having a shared vision (but with a purpose.)

“Establishing a culture you believe in means having a clear and consistent vision and knowing how you’d like everyone, inside and outside, to view the company” wrote entrepreneur Jeremy Bloom in his book, Fueled by Failure. “But the culture has to be more than just a shared vision. If you have a vision without a strategy, it will never be more than a vision”, he writes. Alignment is key here.

I asked Kristina Evans, a corporate recruiter for Exactor and one of my favorite publishers here on LinkedIn about her thoughts: “When I recruit for culture, I’m looking for someone that can add another flavor or level to the organization… individuals that will work well with others, but who are able to bring new ideas and a new dimension to an already great organization.” Smart stuff.

What about community culture? Can that also help with recruiting?

“Absolutely!”, shared Dan Coombs of Life Cycle Talent. “Charleston has great charm, a fantastic quality of life and is becoming well known for its innovation. I plug those when talking to candidates”, he shared. “People go out of their way to help others in this town”, pointed out Ashley Schroeder, also with Catch Talent. “That means a lot to a transplant. We pay it forward here”, she emphasizes.

Last question: “If you could have one marketing tool to help attract more talent, what would it be?” Christina Lock’s answer: “Stronger content. For my clients, it would be a stronger Careers page that highlights not only what it is like to work for that company, but what it’s like to live in this city.” Sounds like we have our next challenge folks.

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